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Rick at Burning Man

Rick at Burning Man


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I am an author, computer semi-geek and kiteflyer – a modern day Renaissance man. I'm interested in kites and kiteflying and have traveled around the world to pursue this hobby. But my real passion is for people and ideas; kites merely provide a vehicle and a common language for people to express themselves creatively. Art, passion and understanding are the real driving forces of my universe.

I have worked as a factory supervisor, salesperson, programmer and computer instructor. I've also owned several businesses. I wasn't terribly good at the CEO thing, but I really excelled at teaching. I had space to interact with people in a creative way.

For most of my adult life, I've been a closet writer. I have been involved in group writing projects over the years (e.g. my neighborhood's annual spring show), but until recently, I hadn't shared any of my short stories with anyone. The only thing that ever got wide distribution was my Christmas letter. You have no idea how many times I've heard "We're getting divorced, but please don't drop us from your Christmas card list." I should have known then.

After my divorce, two friends convinced me to attend Burning Man. I'm glad I did because it really jump-started my writing career. At Burning Man, you camp in groups. There were several guys planning to camp with us that I didn't know. One of my friends asked me to write up the story of how he and I had first met as a way of introducing myself to the group. Well, I couldn't remember how we met, so I made something up. Everyone loved my story and asked for more. So I made up stories of how I met everyone in camp! I'm currently in the process of turning that little writing exercise into a series of novels called the Burning Man Chronicles.



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